Works In Progress

Works In Progress

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Work In Progress

The Next Novel  (Cause there always has to be a next one…)


A hundred years have passed. With the dissolution of the nobility, King Osmund’s reign over Greater Argovan is supreme and supremely weak, while the Eastern empire of Bhasa is dominated by the charismatic adventurer-despot Phynagoras. His hungry eye turns West, where the Heron Kings and one reluctant peacetime soldier are all that stand against his ambitions…

Read a draft of the first chapter

Progress: Now about 111,000 words. First draft finished! Now to revise…

Some lines recently written:

An odd calm washed over her. Her hand found Aerrus’, and they clasped tightly. “We gave ’em a good fight, didn’t we?”

“We did. The best anyone could. It just wasn’t quite enough.”

“It might still be. It might still be enough. But I guess we’ll never know. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You were amazing.” He smiled one last time. “I guess I did pretty good too. If there’s another side I suppose I’ll see you on it.”

“Yep. Go down swingin’?”

“You know it.”

The line of horse advanced at a walk to block the only easy way out of the gully, and the foot soldiers half a step behind. All bore spears, a forest of them all pointed straight ahead. Aerrus turned left and right so any still with a will to fight could hear. “Anyone with arrows left, might as well use them now.”

Next to him, Leofric nocked one of his last few. “Thanks for giving me this chance.”

“Wish I could’ve given you better.”

Leofric shook his head. “Naw, it was more’n I hoped for. Gods’ll light my path now. Or they won’t.”


Short Fiction

“It Weighs on You”

In this sequel to “Illicit Alchemy,” the insurgency has blackmailed a young alchemist into assassinating highborn targets for them. He’s resigned to his fate, until a familiar face becomes the next target.


“What We’re Looking For”

In this send-up of classic fantasy RPG tropes, an aspiring hero can’t seem to land a solid job, so he decides to try his hand at being a villain instead.


“Hate Saves You”

Betrayed and left for dead in a frozen wasteland, a bounty hunter pursues his enemy with a vengeance. But his partner is keeping a secret that could either save him or get him killed.   Will appear in my very own story collection Tricks of the Blade


“Healing Touch”

A temple sister has the rare gift of healing wounds with the power of her mind. But when a confrontation with a warlord awakens a terrifying perversion of the power, she must decide whether to use it for more sinister purposes.  Will appear in my very own story collection Tricks of the Blade


“A Hard Peace”

A down on his luck veteran can’t put the war behind him. When an old comrade offers him a once-in-a-lifetime job tracking down a dangerous weapon, he’ll realize that he’s not the only one.   Sold. At pro rate!


“The Slavemaster’s Penance”

Two escaped slaves cross ocean and desert to track down and assassinate the heir to an infamous mining magnate. After cornering their victim, they’ll find out too late that things aren’t always as they seem.