Work In Progress

Work In Progress


The Next NovelĀ  (Cause there always has to be a next one…)

A hundred years have passed, and Greater Argovan is peaceful and unified. With the dissolution of the nobility King Osmund III’s reign is supreme and supremely weak, while the Eastern empire of Bhasa is dominated by the charismatic adventurer-despot Phynagoras. His hungry eye turns West, where the Heron Kings and one reluctant peacetime soldier are all that stand against his ambitions…

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Short Fiction


A micro-flash sci-fi about a dying man’s desperate attempt to spare his daughter grief by flying into a black hole.


“In the Blood”

Slaves toil to mine a planet’s precious mineral. But one fed-up slave hatches a deadly escape plan when a piece of equipment begins to fail.


“Remind Me”

Sequel to “Past Imperfect.” A young woman takes the ancestral memory drug only to discover a very significant ancestor, and a dark secret behind the invention of the substance.


“A Hard Peace”

Down on his luck veteran Mauric can’t put the war behind him. When an old comrade offers him a once-in-a-lifetime job tracking down a dangerous weapon, he’ll realize that he’s not the only one.


“Hate Saves You”

Betrayed and left for dead in a frozen wasteland, bounty hunter Griddig pursues his enemy with a vengeance. But his partner is keeping a secret that could either save him or get him killed.


“Healing Touch”

A temple sister has the rare gift of healing wounds with the power of her mind. But when a confrontation with a warlord awakens a terrifying perversion of the power, she must decide whether to use it for more sinister purposes.


“The Slavemaster’s Penance”

Two escaped slaves cross ocean and desert to track down and assassinate the heir to an infamous mining magnate. After cornering their victim, they’ll find out too late that things aren’t always as they seem.