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Short Fiction

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Upcoming Short Fiction


“Cold Calculation”

Blood Bound Books anthology Crash Code (December 2019)

Passengers stranded on a spaceship with a ruined neural navigational computer must sacrifice one of their own to get home. But it turns out even a disembodied mind can plot revenge.

Published Short Fiction


“In the Blood”

Write Ahead / The Future Looms (November 2019)

Slaves toil to mine a planet’s precious mineral. But one fed-up worker hatches a deadly escape plan when a piece of equipment begins to fail.




Flash Fiction Magazine (October 2019)

A micro-flash sci-fi about a dying man’s desperate attempt to spare his daughter grief by flying into a black hole.



“Christmas Truce”

Black Hare Press anthology Beyond (September 2019)

A 100-word paranormal-themed ‘drabble.’


remind me

“Remind Me”

Teleport Magazine (July 2019)

In this sequel to “Past Imperfect,” a young woman takes the ancestral memory drug only to discover a very significant ancestor, and a dark secret behind the invention of the substance.




“Justice Enough”

Electric Spec, Volume 12, Issue 2 (May 2017)
Bards and Sages Publishing anthology Best Indie Spec Fiction Vol. One (November 2018)

An assassin performing a diabolical penance has her sights set on a corrupt priest, but an unlikely opponent forces her to consider another path that could either free her soul or destroy it completely.



“Illicit Alchemy”

Allegory, Vol. 33/60 (Spring/Summer 2018)

A disgraced young alchemist is desperate for work, and when the perfect job comes along she doesn’t ask too many questions. But she soon finds herself drawn into a web of terrorism and caught between a dangerous enemy and an old friend.





Nature, Issue 554 (February 2018)

Two thieves break into an asteroid chasing the score of a lifetime, and a new piece of tech could make it easy…or not. 


“Past Imperfect”

Bards and Sages Quarterly (January 2017)
Alban Lake Publishing anthology Into Darkness Peering (September 2017)

A newly-approved drug has the power to unlock ancestral memories. But one man’s experience of an ancient atrocity slowly takes over his mind in the present.
Hailed by the British Fantasy Society as “exploitative and improbable”!




“The Heron King”

Bards and Sages Quarterly (October 2016 Halloween issue)

Hard on the trail of a crime syndicate boss, Investigator Vinian learns that her target may in fact be a powerful, ancient demon. She has doubts, but not about her determination to get her man.


“Company Man”

Dark Fire Fiction (February 2016)

When a gang of brutal mercenaries butcher his wife, Kraygus goes after them with one purpose- to join up. He’ll do anything to be a company man.




“Demon of the Mount”

Short Fiction Break (December 2015)

Two deserters on the run just happen to pick the best possible place to get caught.



“Two Tips”


Just an angry little snippet I wrote after a particularly brutal rejection…



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