Eric Lewis – Amateur author of [occasionally grimdark] speculative fiction

Eric Lewis – Amateur author of [occasionally grimdark] speculative fiction

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The Heron Kings

A historically-inspired fantasy that will appeal to fans of Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country and Guy Gavriel Kay’s Children of Earth and Sky.  Represented by Nathan Hedrick of Standing Stones Literary Agency and due out Spring 2020 from Flame Tree Press.

Sister Alessia swore to take no part in the dynastic wars raging across two kingdoms. But when a warlord slaughters her patients and forbids her neutral temple hospital to care for victims from the “wrong” side,.she throws off her bloodstained habit and quits the cloister rather than submit.

Still determined to save lives, Alessia attracts a gathering of brutalized peasants, smugglers and deserters fleeing the conflict. But many also crave vengeance,.using her roaming forest camp to launch guerrilla raids against the forces of both sides—.to steal, to survive, and to get some godsdamned payback. Alessia struggles to temper their fury as well as tend wounds,.consenting to ever greater violence to keep her new charges safe.

These lowborn insurgents alarm both warring factions, who unleash spies, mercenaries and mass crucifixions to exterminate them. While fighting to keep hidden, they uncover a foreign conspiracy prolonging the interminable war. Trapped between two armies, Alessia will risk the lives she’s saved on a last shot at present proof of the plot to the very forces hunting them and convince all sides to bring the bloodshed to an end.


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Tricks of the Blade

I can’t believe it, my very own short story collection! The good folks at Mannison Press have produced this minibook of six bite-sized fantastical tales where nothing’s quite as it seems, and lies and illusions can be more deadly than sharp edges.

From classic high fantasy to low, from light fun to fairly dark, it’s got assassins, rangers, bounty hunters and more. It also features beautiful cover art by Deidre Owen and expert editing by Ron Linson. At about 17,000 words total, you can read it in an afternoon or snack on one story at a time. It’s also a great way to support indie publishers! Should be out early next year.

The stories included are:

“Necessary, Not Casual”
The newest recruit to a band of forest rangers must overcome her doubts to protect her comrades from bandits.

“Hate Saves You”
Betrayed and left for dead in a frozen wasteland, a bounty hunter pursues his enemy with a vengeance. But his partner is keeping a secret that could either save him or get him killed.

“Demons of the Mount”
Two deserters on the run just happen to pick the best possible place to get caught.

“Justice Enough”
An assassin performing a diabolical penance has her sights set on a corrupt priest, but an unlikely opponent forces her to consider another path that could either free her soul or destroy it completely.

“Healing Touch”
A temple sister has the rare gift of healing wounds with the power of her mind. But when a confrontation with a warlord awakens a terrifying perversion of the power, she must decide whether to use it for more sinister purposes.

“The Tower of Faces”
In this sequel to “Necessary, Not Casual,” two forest rangers set out to rescue the royal spymaster’s stepdaughter from a criminal mastermind who has a unique talent for deceptions of the flesh.


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