Piero’s Spiritual Remedy Mana Potion from Dishonored, Version 2

Piero’s Spiritual Remedy Mana Potion from Dishonored, Version 2

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I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m more than a little bit obsessed with Dishonored, the 2012 masterpiece from Arkane Studios. So much so that in addition to some fanfiction, the setting of my third and fourth novels is heavily inspired by it, and at least one character in particular. I’ve just finished up a lore-centric playthrough of the game that I’ve posted on my tiny YouTube Channel.

One of the hobbies that I’ve chosen to fill up my time until the sweet release of death is the recreation of some artifacts found in the game. This includes artwork that I’ve had printed on canvas to adorn my lair, chalkboard diagrams, and even some physical props. One that I attempted previously was the mana potion container. In the first game it’s called Piero’s Spiritual Remedy. In the second it’s Addermire Solution, which is the same model but with a supporting base included. My first version of this was cobbled together from bits and pieces I assembled and without any power tools or fabrication whatsoever. The result was predictably awful. I knew I could do better, some day.

I didn’t want a cheap plastic thing you can get on Etsy. Glass and metal, that’s my requirement. I looked into professional services to make this damn thing, including quotes from metal 3D printing and fabrication shops. The costs were prohibitive to put it mildly. So I decided to have another go at it myself. Here is the second attempt I’ve made, doing some research on the available starting materials and with the help of a new toy- a combo bench grinder and belt sander.

I can’t tell you how much I love aluminum. I mean, I knew it was soft, but I didn’t know it was this soft. It’s like metallic clay. I started with a tube I bought from McMaster-Carr. These guys are great for fast shipping, though you will pay for it. I ordered a tube that would fit around a glass vacuum trap like you can find on Ebay, similar to the one I used for my previous attempt, but thinner.

I cut the diagonal using a hacksaw, and smoothed it with the sander. It fit perfectly.

For the bottom piece I ordered a stainless steel half-sphere about the right diameter. I had to cut a bit off then smooth that with the grinder. Sparks!

To complete the bottom piece I went to the craft store and bought some soft aluminum strips intended for bracelets and cut them to shape, and got some brass ribbon as well.

The top piece was always going to be tough, and I spent a long time searching for the right source. I looked at a lot of lamp and curtain rod finials, punk and body mod spikes and other weird stuff, until I found these acorn-shaped fence post caps from Plum Fittings. They only came in packs of 10, so I have a lot of these. I cut the bottom part off and smoothed it out with the sander. The top isn’t quite sharp enough but they’re the closest I’ve been able to find.

I ordered some triangular wire for the diagonal bits where the metal tube diameter changes. Unfortunately I could only find silver, so it was very expensive.

For the stopper I got a black rubber plug that was a little too small, then shimmed it with gaffer tape to fit. On top of that was an aluminum disc.

The top neck and bottom pieces, painted with black metallic paint and wrapped in brass strips.

To assemble the top piece I used a small drawer knob and the collar from a doorstop, which was a bit too big but it was by far the closest I could find in shape. I looked at a bunch of curtain grommets but the shape just wasn’t right.

I sanded down the knob at both ends and attached it to the aluminum disc which was to serve as the base for the stopper, with some washers as risers.

Here’s the top part assembled and painted.

For the decorative embellishments on the top part I got some thicker brass strips and cut them to size, then glued them to rolls of brass ribbon underneath

The fully assembled and painted mana vial.

I still have the stand from my previous attempt, so here it is standing up. At some point I might redo the stand to make an Addermire Solution Version 2, but that will be a project all its own I think.

And just because I like the picture, here’s the glamor shot once again. The only thing I might go back and change is making the finial smaller. If I find a better piece I can just wrench the glue apart and reassemble, or perhaps grind the existing one down some more. But later, for now I’m tired.

This project was a labor of both love and hate, and I raged at my failures along the way as I usually do because I’m an overgrown child. But I’m happy with the results, and I hope this little photo log was at least a little amusing.

Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight? Indeed, I believe so.

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