Dishonored Rune Construction

Dishonored Rune Construction

dishonored rune

I previously posted my attempt at recreating the Addermire Solution mana potion from Dishonored. Here’s another little project I did awhile back making another prop. The Runes bearing the Mark of the Outsider granted powers that were useful in the game. They were supposedly made from whale bone. In reality, trading in whale bones is illegal, so I had to settle on camel bone. This one is made out of the wide, flat shoulder blade piece I bought. Unfortunately bone tends to flake away and disintegrate if not polished, so the Rune is mostly decomposed by now. Luckily I documented the process with pictures. I don’t seem to have gained any powers from it yet, unless you count Arcane Weight Gain as a power. But by the Outsider’s crooked cock, it was a fun project!

By the way, if you’re reading this I assume you are also a Dishonored fan, so I recommend my short stories “Justice Enough” and “Illicit Alchemy,” both of which were strongly influenced by the games.


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