Addermire Solution anyone?

Addermire Solution anyone?

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As an unabashed fan of the Dishonored series and a loser with way too much time on my hands, I’ve taken a few cracks at constructing props from the games. I think one of my favorite is this recreation of the Addermire Solution mana potion from D2. I used these concept sketches as a guide. Piero’s Remedy from D1 is the same, just without the base at the bottom.

The glass piece is a chemistry lab vacuum trap with ground glass joint and a conical flask glued on top. The top piece isn’t quite right, but I just couldn’t find anything closer. The metal pieces are aluminum flashing coated with metallic gray spray paint and thin brass strips, all held on with super glue. The base is a doorknob frame and some metal bracket plates with screws on the end. The blue cloudy effect is just blue food coloring, and I took the picture while it was still diffusing. You can also see my bone rune in the background, as well as a chalkboard with a reproduction of the whale vivisection notes in Dr. Galvani’s lab.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it didn’t cost much money. Once I’m rich and famous from my book (heh) maybe I’ll commission a perfect replica.


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