“Justice Enough” In Best Indie Spec Fiction Vol. 1

“Justice Enough” In Best Indie Spec Fiction Vol. 1

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This SFF anthology from Bards and Sages publishing is now available, and includes a reprint of my story “Justice Enough.” That’s a…very purple cover, no denying that. Funnily enough, the first version of the cover had a very unfortunate misspelling of another author’s name. I let him know over Twitter, and luckily he was able to have the editor fix it on most vendor sites.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

The assassin cast an occasional indifferent glance down at the bustling streets as she flitted across rooftops. Even at night the clamor of the city below clashed sharply with the calm, chimneyed expanse she traversed as a shadow, dark even against clouds of coal dust. With apparent ease she climbed, leapt, and dropped distances that should’ve ended a normal person, or at least broken a lot of bones. Yet the unwilling killer kept her course towards the Cathedral of the White God, the dreams having burned the target’s image hard in her mind. A starry disc atop the Cathedral’s highest spire perfectly eclipsed First Moon from her vantage point, eliciting a pause. An omen, maybe, she thought. Good or bad? I’ll know soon enough.

My other short fiction is listed here.


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