Windlass Towton Sword Grip Rewrap

Windlass Towton Sword Grip Rewrap

This is my first attempt at making a custom grip wrap for a sword. I always wanted a dark blue grip like Glamdring from PJ’s LOTR, but not on a fantasy sword.

For this project I picked a less expensive subject that I had really wanted a long time ago and saw back in stock at Kult of Athena. The Towton hand and a half sword feels a lot like the Albion Crecy in the hand, so if you can’t afford it, this might be an alternative.

The grip is standard cheap black leather, and a good candidate for a shaped, cord-wrapped upgrade. I bought three different blue leather sections off Amazon and picked the one I wanted, but the leather I chose was really thick and tough to wrap around and keep tight, so maybe that was a mistake. The riser and the waisted part of the grip made it tricky too, so maybe it’s not the best for a beginner project. It would have been easier if I’d removed the hilt completely, but I really hate disassembling swords. The result isn’t what I’d call great, but to be honest it’s better than I was expecting! Here’s an album:




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