The Heron Kings earns a Publishers Weekly Starred Review

The Heron Kings earns a Publishers Weekly Starred Review

the heron kings publishers weekly starred review

This week I learned (thanks to Mage’s Almanac) that the trade publication Publishers Weekly gave The Heron Kings a very nice starred review. I’m told by people familiar with the industry that this is a good thing to have, indicating books of “exceptional merit.” I don’t know about that, but apparently booksellers and even film producers watch these lists for products to promote. Plus I got a nice little blurb I can quote!

I was initially a little concerned that it’s only one star, but evidently it’s not a rating thing- a reviewed book either gets a star or it doesn’t. So that’s good. I hope this means the book will sell more copies and earn out its (very small) advance, maybe even make a little pizza money on the side. Imagine that.

One thing that amused me from this review is that they picked up on the fact that it was always supposed to be an ensemble cast. Ulnoth, Corren and Alessia were going to be a kind of Luke-Han-Leia type trio, even though I was forced by convention to pitch it to agents and publishers with only one main character and to cut out several additional POVs. They always go on about how they want “fresh,” “new,” “original” ideas, but really they want safe formulae. One hero, one villain, one POV, three-act structure, hero’s journey, fatal flaw, these are things I know!  Maybe if this causes the book to sell well I can do the second one more how I like. Maybe.

Update: The book is also now one of PW’s Books of the Week for the week of its release!


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The Heron Kings earns a Publishers Weekly Starred Review. Congratulations, you found the hidden text! This was just to repeat the keyphrase & improve the SEO score. No secret knowledge or prize to be gained here. Sorry.