Model 1855 French Infantry Officer’s Sword

Model 1855 French Infantry Officer’s Sword

antique french infantry officer sword 1855

I ordered my second ever antique sword recently, and it finally arrived! It’s a Model 1855 French Infantry Officer’s Sword. Here’s an album:

This is a very light sword, weighing only 1 pound 9 ounces. The center of gravity is about five inches out, as you can see by the stand I have it balanced on. The hilt is of brass like all those of the period, and the grip is probably horn but possibly wood. There was likely a wire wrap around the grip ribs but it’s gone now. The blade is in pretty good condition, with only a bit of inactive rust along the length. The only thing about it I don’t like is that the knucklebow is loose, with more than 1mm of movement. But at least the grip is tight to the blade. It came with a scabbard, but I don’t think it was ever issued, since it’s more than blunt, it has a round edge. There’s no spine along the back, it’s as thin as the front edge almost. It has the original leather washer and it fits tightly in the scabbard. I might try to fix it so the hilt doesn’t wobble since I didn’t pay enough that I worry about its resale value. A nice little sword, though. The originals are always so elegant compared to their modern reproductions, even with the wear of centuries.


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